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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tapti Valley International School

Welcome to Tapti Valley International School
Encourage, Empower & Educate...

Envision a school in the immediate vicinity of Surat that centres around your child imparting the best possible facilities to realize, develop and strengthen his/her potential and latent talents. A school where books are no more burdens but best friends and going to school is a joyful experience.

Recall your school days and think of that teacher who made a difference in your existence and became the source of your inspiration; you can now desire that every teacher your child gets is reflective, accepts his/her as he/she is and is always on a qui vive for  individually attending his/her needs.

Inspire your child to blossom, excel and achieve in a stress free learning environment where he/she develops his/her age-appropriate, physical, intellectual, socio-emotional self and life skills along with scholastic and co scholastic activities.

Integrate and contribute with the enthusiastic team members of the school who aspire your valuable participation to bring out the best in your child over the years.

Engage and partake in a promising educational institution that will equip your loved one in becoming a successful human being in all respects.

We welcome you to TAPTI VALLEY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL an institution with international standards in education, co scholastic activities, sports, infrastructure and facilities that embrace the demands of modern curriculum.